GE and EDX: Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow

From Jet Engines to Medical X-ray Scanners, Wind Turbines to household appliances, General Electric is constantly evolving the way we live all around the world. With unyielding devotion to advancing the health care industry, GE supports their innovative initiatives through successful manufacturing and implementation of ground breaking technologies. For more than a century, GE has been improving quality of life for patients with greater preventative care and treatment options while providing medical professionals with the best diagnostic tools available.

19th Century:

The year was 1896 when Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen introduced his discovery of X-rays. Less than a year later, Elihu Thomson of GE builds electrical equipment specifically to produce X-rays. The technology is immediately recognized as having potential to greatly advance the health care industry through producing stereoscopic “roentgen” pictures, where bone fractures and foreign objects in the body can be detected.


21st Century:

“GE Healthcare brings High Definition (HD) to medical imaging systems with the world’s first high definition magnetic resonance (HDMR) system. HDMR will, for the first time, provide physicians with unprecedented image clarity in cases where patients are difficult to image due to movement, including Parkinson’s patients who suffer from uncontrollable motion and including children who have difficulty staying still.” -GE


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A Strategic Supplier of GE since 2007, EDX Electronics, Inc. is a proud member of the GE family and shares the mission of providing a better tomorrow. is our way of paying it forward to the GE team. A private portal between EDX and GE, provides GE employees with the ability to “look before they buy” and guarantee GE never purchases materials they already have in stock. Once registered, GE employees sourcing electronic components can quickly and easily search the global database of GE inventory. Real time results powered by EDX technology will reveal if the materials being sourced are already owned by GE and precisely where they are located.

GE, meet your new best friend.

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