GE Employees: 3 Easy Steps to Stress Free Sourcing

GE Needs To Buy is a private portal between GE and EDX Electronics, Inc., designed to support GE employees and prevent them from purchasing materials they may already have in stock. The platform provides a user friendly interface for Continue reading

Bandwagon Jumpers: Supply Chain Reporting


Never let it be said that I missed an opportunity to say I told you so.  On May 10th, IHS, the most prominent of our industry’s prognosticators, included the following in their press release. ‘With supply chain participants in 2011 reporting Continue reading

Customer Roulette: Counterfeit and Substandard Components


My grandfather used to tell me that even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.  Likewise even a dangerous broker that sells counterfeit components will typically sells legitimate products.  If not, they’d be out of business with a quickness. We recently spoke Continue reading