3 Stages of Success: How GENTB Will Benefit You

Begin by simply entering a part number (manufacturer’s will give you maximum results) and click search.  You are seeing GE owned stock as your results.  The stock may have come in from Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, Jabil, Sanmina, Plexus, Flextronics or another CEM.  It is, however, all GE-owned.  If you buy any of these parts, 80% of the purchase price goes back to GE.  There is one exception.  We have left GE Security’s inventory in the system even though they are now owned by UTC.  Many of those in sourcing knew Peggy Lewis and trusted her material far more than the open market.

In regard to purchase price, you name it if the stock is owned by GE. A large part of this program is to avoid GE business units or CEMs paying PPVs on parts GE already owns. Counterfeit avoidance is another big concern. The buyer makes purchases at their standard cost.  You tell us what that is and that is what you pay.  Your standard net terms with EDX will be how the product is billed.  Even if the parts are not GE-owned, consigned inventory from non-GE sources can often be sold to you or your CEMs at your standard cost.  RFQs, of course, go through the open market, so PPVs there can be unavoidable.

If your initial search does not turn up your needed parts, you will note that by the part number entry field there is a box you can check which allows you to search excess sent to EDX by General Dynamics, L-3 Communications, Ricoh, Harris, Ericsson and literally hundreds of others.  This stock came right from production floors and far safer than the open market.  It all carries EDX’s 2 year warranty.


If all else fails, atop the home page is a button labeled “RFQ.”  You can submit a request for any part through this system.  EDX will then use its proprietary software, XTrade, to supply your needed component.  This software is the gold standard of the industry and we would be happy to show it to you via the Internet.  Our outstanding quality history with GE and the contract manufacturers is directly traceable to this piece of software.

One last point of focus: If your business unit has excess inventory that you haven’t gotten it into this program… why?  The return is outstanding.  The process is simple. Outstanding recovery is achieved. Your consigned inventory is also uploaded to over 50 Internet component exchanges.

GE Employees, Register now at http://ge.needstobuy.com

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